SOOOOOOOO despite what people say i do have feelings. and guess what?!? They get hurt. So this morning when i woke up way before my alarm was scheduled to go off i decided that for me the wall that i built and was breaking down a little at a time will now by fully assembled for some people. I am sorry. I have to. I have to protect myself so if that means cleaning house and moving on from people who appear to be unable to let things go or see the wrong that they have done then let it be written so let it be told. Good bye, good riddens, see ya later! I will be here when you can get over yourself and maybe just maybe we can go some where in what you call a "friednship". I am done, i don't need it. I am a good person and a good friend, You have to see and recognize that i am trying to overcome things in my life and become better than you don't need to be part of this adventure of mine. Dueces!

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