happy! happy! happy!

Yesterday seriously was super fun! I spent the entire day at lava hot springs with some of my favorite peoples!!!  It was so fun for multiple reasons.

First, i faced my fears again by appearing in public with a swimsuit.
Second, the entire time i was in the pool i didn't hurt, my headache went away, my legs didn't hurt and my feet weren't in excruciating pain.I got to run and play and be carefree
Third, i now know what it feels like to be branded because the hot spring we chose just happened to be the HOTTEST WATER EVER KNOWN TO MAN!!!
Fourth, I got a new lanyard of DUCK DYNASTY!!! WAHOO!!!

Good day

Today however i found that my car had been "broken" in to. Nothing important or irreplaceable was taken but it was still the fact that someone was in my car. They were kind enough to leave my 10 dollars i had in my visor. I just worry that i was clumsy and left my account info in there. Its happened once before but nothing seems out of the ordinary so far. i will keep an eye on it during my get away this week! ANNNNNDDDD today i caught some mans eye at the mall who thought i was particularly cute and stopped to talk to me and got my number!!! what what! lol! just kidding oh and he just called!! HEE HEE... "the look" still works!

well i still have to go pack to go camping so i have to let you go!!

till next time!!!!  YODO!



SOOOOOOOO despite what people say i do have feelings. and guess what?!? They get hurt. So this morning when i woke up way before my alarm was scheduled to go off i decided that for me the wall that i built and was breaking down a little at a time will now by fully assembled for some people. I am sorry. I have to. I have to protect myself so if that means cleaning house and moving on from people who appear to be unable to let things go or see the wrong that they have done then let it be written so let it be told. Good bye, good riddens, see ya later! I will be here when you can get over yourself and maybe just maybe we can go some where in what you call a "friednship". I am done, i don't need it. I am a good person and a good friend, You have to see and recognize that i am trying to overcome things in my life and become better than you don't need to be part of this adventure of mine. Dueces!


List of things i know or don't know

Today as i was having a tiny fit of rage at work i began to reflect on what i know and what i don't know about myself. So here is a list of things that i needed to write down. All two of you that read my blog get to enjoy it. (also i will be making a new bucket list during a later post.

1- I know what i don't know
2- I know that i have a cracking point and to be quite honest with you i know i have met that point.
3- I know i am a good person
4- I know i make mistakes, mistakes that are huge
5- I know that even though i make mistakes that number three is still true
6- I know i love my family
7- I know i love my friends
8- I know i will be okay
9- I know that depression is temporary
10- I know i am loved
11- I know that i hated
12- I know that i am better who i was last week
13- I know that i am talented
14- I know that i am hilarious
15- I know that i am pretty

yup that'll do it for tonight folks. I might take the time to embellish on each of these, perhaps make each one a different post and elaborate on them... but i had to get it off my chest first.