List of things i know or don't know

Today as i was having a tiny fit of rage at work i began to reflect on what i know and what i don't know about myself. So here is a list of things that i needed to write down. All two of you that read my blog get to enjoy it. (also i will be making a new bucket list during a later post.

1- I know what i don't know
2- I know that i have a cracking point and to be quite honest with you i know i have met that point.
3- I know i am a good person
4- I know i make mistakes, mistakes that are huge
5- I know that even though i make mistakes that number three is still true
6- I know i love my family
7- I know i love my friends
8- I know i will be okay
9- I know that depression is temporary
10- I know i am loved
11- I know that i hated
12- I know that i am better who i was last week
13- I know that i am talented
14- I know that i am hilarious
15- I know that i am pretty

yup that'll do it for tonight folks. I might take the time to embellish on each of these, perhaps make each one a different post and elaborate on them... but i had to get it off my chest first.

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