and number 10 is....

10. I am a game show FREAK!!! i love the gameshow network! No whammies No whammies! oh man just talking about it makes me happy.

So a TON of things have happened since the last time i really blogged, not yesterday. A great friend of mine and I went our seprate ways, but you know we hung out on saturday and it was just like old times. I love that girl! Its amazing that we can not hang out for so long and then viola, its like nothing ever changed.

I love working at the residential facility. As i predicted it didn't take too long before i was promoted to shift lead status. I love the kids that i work with, they are a lot of work and keep very very busy but man it has taught me sooo much, like patience and how to avoid drama.

I have gotten some teeth stuff taken care of and can't help but smile all the time... :) it was scary but i am glad that i did it!

As far as the boy situation, i am officially declaring single as of midnight tonight. before i would have said, waiting for him to figure out how awesome i am, but he is done trying to figure that out. i am not sure what else to say about that whole situation.... if you know of anyone send them my way... hahahaha

So, now i am back at this whole "dating" thing. I am an outcast, i am quickly approaching my 26th birthday and man i am so depressed, 90% of my friends are married and have two or three kids... excuse me did someone not tell me the train was leaving. something has changed with in myself. I used to be the hit of the show, have a no care attitude about what people thought of me and now my parents have to almost literally drag me out of my room, i literally have enormous panic attacks to even think that i would be going out into public and not to mention knowng that people were going to stare at me! what is heck is up with that?!?!? i have never been like that. it is scaring me to death. Any suggestions?

i am starting again an excercise program, my trainer abadoned me over a year ago to go play for the farm leagues. i am still bitter about that jason! seriously i was beginning to like working out.. but NO i have to do it on my own! so anyways, today is day two, i have cut my portions in half and have started sit ups and other work outs. The only problem i have is sometimes i feel so discouraged because i have so much to lose, HELP!! any suggestions?

Well i suppose that will wrap this up. talk to you soon!

p.s. i have anxiety for my friend jen and for american idol results!!! AHHHHHH



Ten Tags

So Jenny tagged me...i guess i am supposed to reveal 10 things that are semi secret, hope this doesn't come to bite me in the bum!

here it goes,

1. I am addicted to my reflection-- how does that work you ask? well, i can't walk past a mirror without stopping to stare at myself. and it isn't just a stare, i pose different faces, and even wave at my reflection, perhaps this is a weird psychological cry for help! p.s there WAS a spot in my parents where i can see my reflection in 5 different spots perhaps thats why they got rid of the glass table.

2. I eat in layers- i can't eat a subway sandwich like a sandwich i eat the top bread followed fixins' and so forth, same with burritos, and most of the food i eat.

3. When trying new food, i smell it and quickly lick it, just ask jenny i hate trying new food and so if it smells funny and tastes funny at the first lick--NO WAY.

4. I sleep upside down- yes that is right, my head is where my feet should be and my feet are where my head should be, its the only way i found i can sleep without waking up with a headache. (am i crazy)

5. I order the same thing-- no matter how many times i may go to a place i stare at the menu for a million years and i almost ALWAYS get the same thing.

6. i like my dear friend doty, have to do things in order. The shower, i always do things in order, first i stand there in the water for about 5 minutes, then i soap up, shave, rinse, shampoo, and conditioner in the order, if i mess up, i start over--- ahhh!

7. I am obsessed with CSI: Las Vegas. I own all the seasons. (thanks doty) and have watched all of them over and over and over. LOVE IT

8. I can carry entire conversations using nothing but movie quotes! Amazing i know. but its true.

9. I have feelings too- i know its a weird thing to say but lately the male gender fails to realize this.. so if you are reading this---- I stick my tongue out at you.

10. hmmmm i dunno--- feel free to comment here-

Well now that that is over with, i leave you to do the same!

i will write more eventually i promise not to go another 4 months or so without blogging.