protective instincts...

Okay so as i journey through this little path to become a better person, a better friend, and better collegue, a better daughter, and an overall better person i had a self discovery moment this weekend. well two of them, okay scratch that THREE!!! of them.

One is my nephew, i am sorry, i will kill if anyone touches, harms, thinks about harming, scolds, ignores, yells, or hurts him outside the scope of parenthood. I love him with all my heart and will die in heart beat protecting him.I guess this also goes for my family, too. I have had to defend my momma plenty o times and get very upset when people talk to her like they don't have any manners! same as my siblings, we may not always get a long and i may not like them, but you or any body else are not allowed to be mean to them. (thats my job!) but for real....keep your hands, feet, thoughts, feelings and emotions to yourself when it comes to my family or  you will die.

Another is my kiddos at work. I find myself having to fight for them on numerous occasions and if that means i have to be all mean and nasty on the radio frequencies than i will do just that i will make sure that they are treated fairly and equally as everyone else. They are not the best kids around but they are more respectful than others out there and by golly they are my not so best kids so yes i will defend them too. I will protect them too. 

The other is my friends. First of all i don't have all that many close friends but the ones that i do have in my own little circle are some the best people i know and let me tell you why. They will do anything to help you. They will move your entire apartment because you can't do so. They will hold you why you cry over a guy for the 900 time in two years. They will be at your side when you tell them to go away. They will cook you mac n cheese at 3 in the morning just because that is your most favorite food in the whole wide world. The guys tell me how beautiful us girls are on a daily basis, even if don't have my teeth in yet. The guys treat us like princesses, like we are worth something. it truly is amazing. this past weekend two of my close friends had some pretty craptastic things happen to them... and let me tell you, i had no problems knowing that if i acted to save one that i might have go to jail. I was okay with this, they would do it for me! The other was devastated and heartbroken and dammit that not nice girl made him cry... oh believe me its a good thing i don't know her or where she lives cause i would have busted out the brass knuckles and said hello to her face and throat a couple of times!!!

So there you have it folks, i am not "witchy" at all.  i scored in the 98% percentile of protective instincts. 

Jacques Yves Cousteau People protect what they love.Quote

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Gina Martino said...

lol.....brass knuckles eh? Will you handcuff them first and then say hello a few times to their face and throat?