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okay this is to those of you who point out to me daily that i haven't posted in over a month....

so last time i mentioned that life was coming at me fast and man did i ever put my foot in my mouth. July went i don't know where but i seriously don't think we had it this year cause its already AUGUST?!?!?!? STOP IT!

I tried out for American Idol-- had the time of my life i will have to post some pictures, oddly i didn't get any of me there which to some of you may come as surprise since i love taking pictures of myself! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I didn't make it to see simon paula and randy but i did get to sing part of a second song, waited in line for almost 11 hours (actually we were sitting in seats) to sing for a total of 45 seconds, but had the time of my life. we sat by the coolest bunch of people and laughed all day long. look for the cross dresser on the auditions it was funny hes an idiot.

My youngest sister was baptized on the 2nd of August. It was awesome to see her go and do that, it made me think of my baptism day and how much i need to ship shape it up--- she wore the same dress the chelsey (my other sister) and I wore when we were baptized, my mom made it for me so it goes to show that she is an awesome seamstress.

Max is starting his senior year and he is so excited. he has grown up so much and is pinned to be an all start athlete if he just isn't so dang lazy--- he is good and sometimes lets that get him by instead of showing how good he is.

My dad is now the global director of the drilling company he works for so more traveling- he worked hard for his job and i am proud of him, i just worry that he lets the money thing go to his head.

I survived camping. only because we stayed at a place with flush toilets and a shower (my kind of camping). It was neat we went and saw the place of the crandall canyon mine disaster and i of course cried like a baby. SAD TIMES! its only because i worked in a mine so its some kind of secret brother hood we all have. we also went to a wave pool in price, actually we are going back there this weekend but i will driving down on saturday and coming back saturday night because they are camping the weekend in a place with no shower!!! YUCK!!!

Okay on the not so fun stuff -- i had blood work done this past week and my doctor calls me while i am at work to inform me that my blood cell counts are all sorts of out of control and that my iron levels are still low so he is reccommending me to a hemotologist and an oncologist. JUST GREAT. so meanwhile i am supposed to pull it together to help out the kids i work with so they don't know that there is anything wrong, i am freaking out- trying not to think the worst or cry my eye balls out. but really i am okay with whatever happens because i know i can handle it.. although i did have a good talk with the man upstairs last night and informed him that he has my attention. :) i am scared, mad, upset, nervous, worried, and a lot of other emotions. Well today is a new day so i need to get to work... doctor just called have an appointment on the 25th of august!!!! oye wish me luck

i will blog more often(yeah right)



Kris and Kenzee Jo said...

What the heck??? THat is awesome that you had the guts to try out for American Idol. Where was it at? I wanted to do that...but dreams are dreams eh? :] I'm sorry about you and your health. Keep me updated. I don't know if there's anything I can do, but just let me know...you're in my thoughts and prayers!!! Check out my blog sometime...I'll add you on as a friend!!! krisandkenzee.blogspot.com

Emily said...

Oh Leslie! I am so jealous that you auditioned for AI. I love that show. That is pretty much the only thing I watched in the hospital waiting for Maya to come.

Please keep us informed with everything. We will keep you in our prayers!

Emily and Branch

Jenny said...

It's about time you blogged :) You know my harassment is only because I love you and because our schedules are completely opposite - we never get to talk! I blame Wal-Mart. If we didn't have to buy stuff there we wouldn't have to work, thus we would get to see each other more... Damn Wal-Mart! Okay, really, let's hang out soon! I miss you man! Don't stress about the health stuff... it could be worse - the boo box!