today is a new day

yes i know two blogs in one week--- what is the world coming to? well in all honesty ever since i have had the news that i might have some blood disorder i have sat and done absolutely nothing-- okay thats a lie i went to work and then went to Price, utah to the wave pool. the luck of my family this week has been awful...

Tuesday: my sister had her car broken in to and the stereo stolen. the same sister lost her job for a stupid reason and the HR people didn't have the nerve to tell her the real reason. Tuesday was the day of my doctors appointment.

Wed: my nephew has to go back to the hospital because he has a blood clot and is peeing blood (he is fine) i hear that i need to go see a hematologist and then an oncologist. the doctor calls me at work of all places so i am a basket case.

Thursday: nothing to drastic happened on thursday-- oh wait i lied my brothers car gets broken into (may i remind you that it has nothing to do with my sisters car cause we live in seperate neighborhoods) his brand new football jersey gets stolen...

Friday: i was at work all day and had 2 restraints-- it was nuts.

Sat: my brother and i wake up to go to wave pool and meet the rest of the fam who were already camping there--- and we find that his car and our garage has been egged (WTF?!?!?) our neighbor cleaned it up for us since we have to run-- nice lady! while on our way to the wave pool we see dad gets pulled over-- luckily no ticket just a warning--i lauged.

Sun: i wake up at seven thirty to get ready for church only to fine out that it was stake conference--- boy i was mad so i went home to go back to bed...

today is a new day-- hopefully will be good- i am going for retail and getting my nails done therapy-- yay.

my hematologist appointment is next monday and i am trying my hardest not to have a heart attack over it--- wish me luck.

i have gotten rid of 4 or 5 boys this week because they are all after one thing and i am irritated and annoyed...so i have narrowed down the boys to 2 instead of 7-- man abeing a player is hard work..

well that sums it up for now-- i might add more a little later today--

have fun and keep smiling


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Jenny said...

Oh man... I pull up your blog and what song do I hear? Dear Diary by good 'ole Britney.... Man that song brings back memories!!! Good times!