July? time needs to stop and let me catch up

in the last few weeks i have had soooo much to do that i seriously don't know how i got through them with alcohol or drugs! :)

I have applied for a few jobs with in my company and have had some interviews and they both fell through, am i upset? no! just disappointed. oh well life goes on. i like the job that i have, okay that is an understatement. i am obsessed and borderline in love with my job.

my parents went out of town for the fourth of july and i was here to man down the house by myself. an easy task you say!?! HAHAHAHAHAHHA NOT! this place is the Buckingham palace of west jordan! its massive! and to keep it clean by oneself is an endless task, so once it was clean i didn't do anything, i didn't eat or even get out a cup of water. it was crazy! they are coming home soon and i can't wait cause i am starving :) other then that i worked the whole week. yesterday was an interesting day at work, just the last little part of it. This guy that we have been talking off and on was texting me and made me feel really stupid-- well my co worker and friend was all sorts of upset because we spend a lot of time talking and he pointed out some good things to me. so needless to say he told me to tell this boy off. well later that night i was out with jenny and we were eating dinner when this boy texted me, well i thought about what "S" said to me and i told jenny about it. she agreed that i needed to tell him off, so i did. i was so scared, i didn't want him to hate me but then i realized that he only treats me like crap and that i deserved better than that, so for the second time in my life i stuck for myself. i was proud of myself and after that enjoyed the night, except when the cute waiter came over and offered me to taste their lamb! SICK!!! i hated it, i wanted to puke!

today is my sisters 8th birthday! yay! i am so excited for her! i can hardly wait! why am i excited for her, cause for the second year in a row i bought her the coolest gift. last year it was an Mp3 player and this year i got her a digital camera! i want her to open it.

Next week i am going camping! i don't really like camping but i know my mom wants me to go help out since she is taking th kids and grandma! oh dear! besides it beats staying here and cleaning the palace!

that about sums things up here. i am still losing weight, slowly now, but need to give up soda! hahah right thats a joke!

oh yeah and jenny is making me try out for american idol. (july 29) so look for me on the worst tryouts of season 8. :)

i am off.

talk soon.



Jenny said...

Worst NOTHING! You'll make it to Hollywood! Can I come to Hollywood with you? I do love American Idol! Let's play again soon!

Branch said...

Jealous... I know I would probably cease up, and puke, but it would be fun to try out for Idol. Good luck, and it is great to hear more about whats up on you end.