So i am about to throw a major hissy fit! the following may sound like i am complaining and not able to be a grown up but really it royally pisses me off--

So my place of employment is apparently going to start making us wear uniforms--- now its not too bad just a polo shirt but dammit homegirl don't look so good in polos and as if my self esteem isn't low enough!!! I HATE THAT WE HAVE TO BE PUNISHED BECAUSE THERE ARE SOME EMPLOYESS WHO CAN'T KEEP THEIR BOOBS WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE--------AHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAH. i am sooo mad!

I need to find a new job but i like what i do and it i live so close to work-- i am truly in a dilemma.

well i need to go for now i might blog a bit more later..


Maranda said...

Hey woman you can move down towards me in manti and work with me at the utah prep academy for girls. Don't let the name fool you it is a home for troubled girls. (no dress code)

Jenny said...

Hey... Some of us like not being able to keep our boobs in our shirts!!! :)

Rachael said...

Hey Leslie! Uniforms are not all that bad... just on Tuesdays