Another Year?

Really? really, tis my birthday sometime this month and let me tell you i am not happy that it is coming around! i don't want to be an official menace to society. whoever said that should have thought about people's feelings. SERIOUSLY!?!

you know being single doesn't really bother me as much as everyone else constantly reminding me that i am single, its like i don't wake up ever day and say oh my gosh i am 26 and single! what happened? no i am painfully aware of this every waking moment of my life. Now don't get me wrong there are tons of parts of my life that i absolutely enjoy, i don't have to answer to anyone, i get to come and go as i please, no kids (unless you count the little monsters i deal with at work). but i like the thought of having someone to cuddle up to and go places with, but now a days it seems like it comes at a cost that i am just not willing to pay... anymore. you know there was a time not too long ago that yes i made some mistakes, mistakes that were huge but i can't take them back, but really every guy that i talk to or go out with is only after one thing and let me tell you what it pisses me off faster than anything ever has before. so please if you are a guy who is single refer to one of my earlier posts this year and pull your heads out because there are good girls out there you just have to be patient and supportive of who she is and not only see her for your egotistical needs to be met.

i have started to lost weight, but not sure its the most healthy way of doing so--- no i don't have an eating disorder, but taking some pills and not eating unless i am hungry. doesn't sound all that dangerous but with this pill i am NEVER hungry. oh well popcorn and water isn't all that bad right?

oh yeah on a lighter note about the old b-day, my family, like most other families, have a tradition of going to out to eat at whatever restaraunt the bday person chooses, so for my 26th brithday i have decided to go to a sophisticated place, one of the most elegant places around, full of lights and entertainment... yup you guess it Chuck E. Cheese! :) i know i am a nerd huh

so there is a situation at work about some stupid co worker who said some derogatory things towards me and the kids i work with ( i happen to work with the juvenile male sex offender group) and believe i am the only that is allowed to make fun of them, but i don't make fun of them they way this person did. I love the kids i work with and won't stand to hear other staff put them down for the crimes they committed. so naturally i let the authorities take care of it and as far as upper management and human resources i couldn't be more happy but its the smaller authorities that gets me upset--- grr i wish i could give details but i can't. just know that i am very very very upset at the politics at work and somedays think i would be better off if i found another job. the boys i work with have enough problems but they don't need that from staff.

i will write more later i have a meeting to go to soon.... i am fine no need to feel bad.



Emily said...

Happy Birthday! I turn 26 on the 26th. My "golden" birthday. It is all sorts of weird that we are growing up and stuff. I don't like it sometimes! Oh well...

Jenny said...

Yay for your birthday! And remember - if You're a menace to society - I'm an Old Hag! Should make ya feel a little better! :)