and number 10 is....

10. I am a game show FREAK!!! i love the gameshow network! No whammies No whammies! oh man just talking about it makes me happy.

So a TON of things have happened since the last time i really blogged, not yesterday. A great friend of mine and I went our seprate ways, but you know we hung out on saturday and it was just like old times. I love that girl! Its amazing that we can not hang out for so long and then viola, its like nothing ever changed.

I love working at the residential facility. As i predicted it didn't take too long before i was promoted to shift lead status. I love the kids that i work with, they are a lot of work and keep very very busy but man it has taught me sooo much, like patience and how to avoid drama.

I have gotten some teeth stuff taken care of and can't help but smile all the time... :) it was scary but i am glad that i did it!

As far as the boy situation, i am officially declaring single as of midnight tonight. before i would have said, waiting for him to figure out how awesome i am, but he is done trying to figure that out. i am not sure what else to say about that whole situation.... if you know of anyone send them my way... hahahaha

So, now i am back at this whole "dating" thing. I am an outcast, i am quickly approaching my 26th birthday and man i am so depressed, 90% of my friends are married and have two or three kids... excuse me did someone not tell me the train was leaving. something has changed with in myself. I used to be the hit of the show, have a no care attitude about what people thought of me and now my parents have to almost literally drag me out of my room, i literally have enormous panic attacks to even think that i would be going out into public and not to mention knowng that people were going to stare at me! what is heck is up with that?!?!? i have never been like that. it is scaring me to death. Any suggestions?

i am starting again an excercise program, my trainer abadoned me over a year ago to go play for the farm leagues. i am still bitter about that jason! seriously i was beginning to like working out.. but NO i have to do it on my own! so anyways, today is day two, i have cut my portions in half and have started sit ups and other work outs. The only problem i have is sometimes i feel so discouraged because i have so much to lose, HELP!! any suggestions?

Well i suppose that will wrap this up. talk to you soon!

p.s. i have anxiety for my friend jen and for american idol results!!! AHHHHHH



Branch said...

I have to admit... I too am a nut for some game shows. My current favorite is Merv Griffin's Crosswords. I love that we used to do whatever we wanted without caring what people thought of us, and Im proud to be one of the few people who knows the origin of your blog's name. It was good to get an update from you. Good luck with your Idol... I hope Cook is your favorite (Archuleta is overrated). Later

Jenny said...

You're the BESTEST! We need to hang out ASAP!!!! Thanks for all the support - I really appreciate it! You're the best friend ever! Oh, and you and branch are overrated! No picking on the poor little Utah boy! Cook is an ugly freak!

Maranda said...

Hey girl it sounds like your life if working out to be crazy and abnormal just like the rest of us. You are in a fun crowd though i promise. Hey you can date my brother in law he lives in Heber. Maybe you guys would hit it off and you could be my sister in law :)

Christina said...

your the best... I miss you SO MUCH... damnit I need to come visit you.. its been TOOOOOO LONG!

The Peterson's said...

I did not know you had a blog! I love blogging! you will have to come visit mine too! oandmpeterson.blogspot.com