2008? ugh!!

Well cyberland!! happy new year, although not quite sure i want to face 2008. As the clock struck twelve that night, i was happy, surrounded by people that love me, but i couldn't help but think of the year i left behind and the year to come... quite frankly it makes me sad.... i turned 25 last summer when i had to move home, i loved living on my own, it was fun and free, but couldn't pay ALL ten billion bills between my roommate and i we had a bazillion dollars in doctor visits... sucks to be sick. i switched to a new job last January, and moved quickly to lead supervisor and had to be in charge of the show, (don't get me wrong i love to be in charge), however lost most of my staff due to their own stupid assess. i have had many relationships this past year and have made some bold yet non regrettable moves, i have dated old guys and some young Jewish ones. i have paid off some bills and started new ones, i have over come some fears but gained a whole new set.... do i look forward to this coming year? NO i am a nervous basket case who is emotionally unstable and can snap any time, so those of who read this and know me, i don't mean to bite your heads off, but seriously i have toooooooo much on my plate most of the time. i am tired but will write more later... i like this blogging...


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