jumblish mess

so i was sitting here the other day just stark raving mad because my dad can be so rude sometimes. Its not that i hate him i hate what he does. He thinks that if he isn't in control or if it wasn't his idea or if someone else is even remotely smarter than he is he freaks out and has a giant cow. i am tired of it... he yelled at me the other day because he was showing my mom how to do something on the computer and was making it 100 more times harder than it should've been and so when i suggested doing it another way of course i was stupid and he made no hesitations to make me feel that way.GRRR!!!!
Anyways-- so we had our company Christmas party on friday. It was so much fun-- We were supposed to bring a date, but since the boy i am interested in doesn't live in this town it was difficult to bring him so i took my mom and had the time of my life. Since we work with troubled teens of course everyone is a little off the rocker so we all portrayed that at the party. WE had a snowball fight in the gym which involved throwing marshmallows at each other.. oh man it was so fun all these adults running around being totally ridiculous.. i clocked our clinical director in the face.. it was awesome. Then mom and i won name that tune!! it was really really really fun!!! i have recenlty been in contact with a ghost from the past... it is an awesome expierence-- one that i should write about later.
as the new year keeps getting closer and closer i have no idea what i am doing in life. seriously i am 25 years old. and have very little to show for it. all i know is that i am grateful for what i have and things that i have done so far. i will write more soon--- lots of emotions today.

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