church= nervous breakdown

okay i think i fixed my space bar problem.

i went to church today, and let me tell you how hectic things were. First of all i don't feel good i have this crap going around and its sucks. anyways, there was this little boy in primary that was visiting and he was scared to death, he was absolutely out of his mind, he was crying and saying he wanted "tia" well i waited for someone who is in charge to take him out to find his aunt and low and behold no one did, big shocker there huh. well i went over to him and he started speaking spanish at nine hundred miles and hour, i know spanish but really at nine hundred miles? goodness sakes... i desperately tried to find his aunt and no one would help me but my mom came to the rescue and yelled at the people in relief society to help and we finally found is Aunt Iana. i was crying because i didn't know what to do. it was crazy. then in primary where they are only supposed to sing religious songs out the children's song book and what do they sing--- rudoulph the f'ing NOSE REINDEER!!!!!! SERIOUSLY???? IN CHURCH?????? MY HELL PEOPLE... WE ARE TRYING TO TEACH THESE LITTLE KIDS ABOUT CHRIST AND THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS AND YOU TALK ABOUT A DAMN FAKE REINDEER WHO IS A FREAK OF NATURE CAUSE HE DOESN'T EVEN FIT IT AND THEY ALL LAUGH AT HIM.......GRRRRRRRR

need less to say i am not going back.......

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Your friend Branch said...

Hmmmm... I don't know if just deciding not to return is the most proactive option, but I won't lecture you. I know what you mean about primary though...I taught it for 3 years in Rock Springs.