The future

Have you ever had moments when you REALLY wanted something to work out and you know without a shadow of a doubt that it is what is supposed to be happening right now? but you would like just a 2 sec glipse of the future to make sure you were right?  ya, well i am living that moment right now and have been for the past 18 months. I KNOW!!!! that this is good thing, but i hesitate to pursue it because of the state of vulnerability it will put me in but i have thought long and hard about it and this is totally worth the risk! Now to just set things in motion. Take the ball back and finally just do it!

You all are probably wondering what the crap i am talking about. well let me tell you. I happen to be talking about a young man who has had my attention for quite sometime. I got SUPER brave one time and just laid it out on the table, but since then have boxed it carefully in a cute little box with a bow and have kept it hidden way for about a year now. but its time to open that little box and let whatever happens just happen. I have matured (no laughing) and have done some "wing spreading" in the last little bit, i know what i don't want in a relationship and i would like to think that i know what i want too. but when all is said and done, this is just seems to be a good thing.

Sorry for the lack of details but i will fill the rest in my journal, you can all read it when i die! plus i sorta need to talk to him, plus there is a slight chance said person will read it... hee hee, kind of my plan to get things started without being so hesitant.

Wish Me Luck!!