I should be royally mad, but...

oh man! if only you knew why i should be mad----- you ask why i am not. i will just say this... i give 100% in any realtionship i have been in and have truly felt that i have no regrets in any relationships. EAch guy has taught me something different and fun about myself and has proposed new challenges. Too bad that they have to make up things....oh man... i hope he reads this. I still love ya!!!!!!!!!!

and i have been blog stalking some of my old friends in high school...you guys are FUNNY!!!!

i am off to get ready to get off work.



Kenzee Jo said...

Hang in there.. You deserve the best!! DATING SUCKS!!!

Cornett Family said...

How do I not know what is going on? We must get together!!!!!

Me said...

Yes, I read it. You've already heard what I have to say. There's no reason to be upset, just relax, okay? I wasn't making anything up... like I said, it's how I felt at the time. It's REEEEAAALLY old news. It's not like I just wrote it yesterday for hells sake. Come on now. There's no need for overreaction.