do overs

Can i please have a pass to start the new year off again... seriously this has been the worst start to a new year in my 27 years. not only did i have to work an 86 hour marathon at work but we had major changes at work and some staff aren't on board with. for the first time in my job working there i felt that i was not safe to be at work adn it had nothing to do with the residents.... grrr... and i had to take a valum just to function cause i did nothing but shake for two days and shut myself off from the world. then it feels like nothing gets done to other people its annoying...

on a good note i get to play with my best friend tomorrow!!! yahoo!!! i am excited she always makes me feel important and is there through everything! i love her and her husband who treats her so well or i would have to punch him in the throat... :) i need to find my 20 bucks though so i can play!

i will write more later when i feel better.


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