okay let me just start this blog out with an explanation... i know that i haven't blogged for a while but i have sat down several times to blog but i didnt want to sound negative.... so here is something postive..

today was the best thanksgiving i think i have ever had..why you ask... well i got the best of both of worlds.. i cooked for my family..got along with my sister and ate with them... then i went to work...

now i know some of you are like "what? work" but let me tell you what. i was angry that i had to work especially since i have to work the other holidays... but when i got there my view changed. I work with kids who are locked up for vaious reasons and so they didn't get to be home for the holiday.. so as a staff we decided to bring them in a feast to have complete with decorations.

We set everything up and they all went around and said how grateful they were for different things and then we got to say how grateful we were. It was awesome to see some of their faces and they piled up two plates of good old fashion grub. They seemed to change into other people rather than the "tough guy" image they think they are. They were polite and willing to help out in the cleaning. they were nice to one another. I love the oppurtunity i had to serve them today by making their thanksgiving a little more homier than it would have.

I have lots of things to blog about and will do so soon...

Love ya guys :)

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Kenzee Jo said...

That is so neat... I think I would enjoy your job, though I bet it's VERY hard at times, but how great is that to be examples around those who are in a bad spot. You are amazing!