why yes yes i did! seriously though i was not in any emotional state to be blogging..i sort of become and emo blogger so i didn't post anything. but i am back and i will blog some more. right now i have to sleep since i stayed up WAY TOO LATE last night. Thanks doty for letting me crash at your house. ;)



Dana P said...

Hi! We missed you! How have you been lately woman???? Are you still in Utah? Why have you never been down to see us??

You need to check out my blog. Email me with your address and I can add you to our private blog. You should feel special, I only let really cool people look at our blog!! :) My email address is purfam28@yahoo.com

Jenny said...

It's about time you blogged! Loser! PS - you can totally stay over anytime! (Until March 14th anyway)

Anonymous said...

I do that too. I'm always like, "Oh yeah, I need to blog!"

JoMoBo said...

Hey Les,
This is Joe Harris. Hope all is well your way. Hope your family is well. Morgan and I are loving it in Payson, AZ. Drop us a line sometime. Email us or something. God bless -Joe

Anonymous said...

hey loser. i need to talk to you! love you!