Really? Honeslty?

So i am really extremely pissed off at this point. okay more hurt than anything...
here it goes....

At my work which by the way i love my job. i am actually obssessed with it. and i am damn good at what i do, but here is the thing-- there has been some not so good thing going down between two of our residents and they are investigating it and today we were told at our training meeting that job might be lost over this. that ticks me off. in my defense i haven't worked that unit for a while so that might just save my butt-- however it could-- don't get me wrong the human resources department has been very good to me and i would hope that i would have some kind of good repoir with them but holy piss on red hot ants!!! why should i be held accountable for that?!? rediculous. kids are sneaky and covert and are going to do crap like that regardless of what we do-- grrr...i know i ask for a lot of prayers but if you could please keep me in yours again until this is all over-- i am scared and don't know what to do, my career will be finished in the social work field and i am not to sure i am ready to let it all go. i am passionate about social work! grrr

on another note we had out first snowfall of the season this past weekend and while i was excited and shocked i got to do something new. At work we have kids of all ethnicities and one of the native american kids wanted to do the traditional first snow fall ritual. it was fun to be part of that. we said some prayer and jumped into the snow!!!yippee... i want to change my background to christmas because i like christmas but the only template they had was lame. get with the program people walmart has chritsmas decorations since july what seems to be the problem!?!? sheesh!

as elections come near i hope that God has some kind of hand in it like accidently making barack obamas car run of the road on some cliff and can't be found anytime til after the elections! as i understand that he is a well educated man, but for those of us who can't have children or rather shouldn't have children-- i am appalled that he is for abortions during the second trimester or leaving live babies in a sink to die because the mother doesn't want them!!! grrr.. anyways vote people!

I am on a quest again to lose weight-- i lose it but then it finds me again. I am almost three months soda free well with caffeine in it anyway i have rootbeer every so often but then i go for a while not having any! i am excited for the weight thing though i need to get back in shape incase i need to fo work as a correctional officer.

well i suppose i have done enough ranting and raving for the night! will update more as i go! you guys are the best! thanks!


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