I'm Gonna kill me a vampire

okay so ya i am a lemming but i started reading the twilight series i finished the first two in like 29 hours however the second has left me so emotionally drained that i seriously will kill the next vampire i see-- which could be bad seeing that halloween is just around the corner!

so i thought i would take a break and do this tag thingy-ma-bob-- so if you are reading this.. tag your it! just fill in your own answers.

1.Where is your cell phone?on my shelf
2.Where is your significant other? lost at sea
3.Your hair color? reddish brown with blonde streaks
4.Your mother? hilarious
5.Your father? confusing
6.Your favorite thing? sleeping
7.Your dream last night? damn vampires
8.Your dream/goal? own place
9.The room you're in? the bedroom
10.Your hobby? scrapbookin/crochet
11.Your fear? the boo box
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? can i just live til tomorrow please?
13.Where were you last night? wal-mart
14.What you're not? pregnant
15.One of your wish list items? police scanner and the new season of csi
16.Where you grew up? the equality state GO POKES!
17.The last thing you did? cleaned my bathroom--- do i have any hair left on my head?
18.What are you wearing? what i usually wear to bed (those of you who know can go ahead and laugh
19.Your t.v.? heavy as heck
20.Your pet? scares the neighbors
21.Your computer? finally works thanks to my ingenious efforts
22.Your mood? disturbed
23.Missing someone? unfortunatley
24.Your car? finally runs
25.Something you're not wearing? a smile
26.Favorite store? walmart
27.Your summer? sucked
28.Love someone? love can go jump off a cliff
29.Favorite color? PINK
30.Last time you laughed? at my sisters patient who called her fat all day today-- gotta love old people...
31.Last time you cried? this morning-- couldn't tell you why.

Now all you go ahead and do this too i expect to see your answer on here very very very soon.

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Jenny said...

Hee hee... I know what you're wearing! :)