i am okay

First of all thank you to all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers and the many of words of comfort and encouragement.

Second-- my white blood cells came out normal yesterday (thank goodness) that was quite a scare. My iron levels are still dangerously low--so low they barely register-- crazy huh. oh well so i have to take 325 mg of iron with 500 mg of vitamin C three times a day (so pretty much i am gonna get constipated and i hate that) i go back in next tuesday to see if that is working, if it isn't then i will get an infusion. so i am not out of the clear yet.

okay thats the update today--- maybe i will write more later who knows.

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Kenzee Jo said...

Hey chica...glad to see that you are somewhat out of the clear...and got some good news. I have been thinking about you. Hope all is well. Keep smiling and being the outgoing Leslie that I know :]