hello out there

i sit here in my nice cozy clean room that i spent countless hours cleaning and rearranging furniture, only to find out that my bed wouldn't fit the way i wanted it to and still be able to open the door. so i moved it back but hey my room is clean!!! (i should post pictures).

Tis the season to be jolly--- whoever concocted this phrase should be tortured. When it snows it makes people instantly stupid behind the wheel... i am fine with driving in winter, i learned to drive in wyoming where there is 11.5 months of snow and the other.5 month is windy as all hell... but seriously people if you can't drive then don't--- if you crash, well gives you an excuse to use the insurance you are paying (much to hight prices) for. plus i get sick EVERY december--- without fail.

i have been at my job for almost a year---- i can hardly believe it... OYE. i love my job but i am afraid its taking its toll... i hope and pray that i will reach these kids and lately i feel like they aren't learning anything i teach them.... is it too much to ask them to listen and apply things,... OYE

well i will write more later....
looking forward to hearing from you out there in cyber land


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